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Hotkey control icon
Hotkey control
Easiest way to create keyboard shortcuts or remap keys and customize keyboard layout.
Smart break icon
Smart break
Intelligent mindfulness program that helps prevent eye strain and mental stress.
AutoFax icon
Instant vehicle history report (VIN checker, CarFax alternative) for used cars.
Remap keys icon
Remap Keyboard - Key changer
Swap, change or modify the keys on your macbook or external keyboards.
Slacker icon
Slacker - Always online and available
Never show up as idle on Slack, Microsoft Teams or other corporate instant messengers.
Open With icon
Open With
Choose which web browser or mail client to use while opening links on your Mac.
TheAppStore icon
The app store/iTunes web search with filters for ratings, prices, release dates and more.
True mAh Battery icon
True mAh - Battery Health
Check your MacBook battery condition, capacity and cycle count.
Disk mark icon
Speed test for HDD, SSD, usb/ pen/ flash/ external hard disk drive on Mac OS X.
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