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Do you work smart, not hard? Well that's great, but your boss and team mates might be forming opinions based on whether you show up as active or available or online on your office's instant messaging tools like Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams and more.

Once you stay idle for some time, these messaging tools display your status as away or idle or offline causing your co-workers to suspect you are not in front of your computer all the time.

Slacker solves this by moving your mouse pointer for you whenever you are idle - the result is that you always show as active on any corporate/office instant messaging tools (like Slack or Microsoft Teams) running on your work computer. This additionally also means that your screen lock and screensaver will not be activated and your system will not go to sleep just because you step away from your computer while working from home or in the office.

Make your presence status always stay online and available on Slack, Microsoft Teams and other office messengers with Slacker.

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